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Scoliosis Treatment Protocol

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Scoliosis Treatment Protocol


Our protocol for scoliosis treatment is a multiphase, aggressive and innovative program based on work of other scoliosis-protocolsuccessful practitioners around the world and our own research and experience. We are using many new and advanced devices (high powered laser, radial shockwave and various specially designed tables) coupled with custom orthotics (made for each patient) and custom exercise program to achieve best results.

The length and frequency of treatment protocol varies from one patient to other and depends from angle and type of the curves. Typically it may consist of an initial 12 sessions program, followed by another 12 sessions with 3-4 months interval.

At first patient is examined in detail and his/her curves are analyzed on X-ray films. Depending on our findings we may or may not prescribe a treatment program. In some instances, for example when Cobb’s angle is above 40 degrees we may decide not to intervene. If a treatment program is recommended we take measurements and cut special positional orthotics custom made for your size and countering your abnormal curves (you need to use them at home after treatment).

Every time you come for a session you need to allow about 2 hours for treatment procedures. Your day at the clinic may look like this:

  • Laser treatment followed by passive stretches on special tables.
  • Procedures that allow elongation of your spine with corrective forces applied to the curves.
  • Positional exercises on your custom orthotics, this include breathing exercises too.
  • Shockwave therapy, myofascial release and manual therapy.
  • Active exercises under our guidance.

The treatment program is designed to aggressively affect your muscles and spine. We combine many procedures to stretch and relax tight muscles, free them from contractures. We apply corrective forces contrary to abnormal curves, allowing de-rotation of the spine.


The goal of our treatment protocol is to stop advancing of curves and decrease your abnormal curves by half.  Many factors like degree and type of the curve, patient’s age, patient’s compliance and presence of other diagnosis that intervene with our treatment plan may have an effect on the final outcome. We always discuss these issues with patients beforehand during initial examination.

If you suffer from mild to moderate scoliosis, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation appointment by calling 416-787-2565 today.

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