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Complex Cases at SpineTech in North York, ON

complex-casesMinor back pain can develop into complicated back problems over time, especially when left untreated or poorly treated.

Most back care professionals recommend that you treat initial symptoms of back pain with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), rest, chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment. This conservative approach usually resolves minor back pain within a few days.

Sometimes, however, symptoms return. Repeated back pain or other symptoms such as tingling, weakness and immobility, require a comprehensive evaluation that includes examination and diagnostic studies, such as x-rays, CTs or MRIs. This examination could show that you have a complex back problem.

Complex back problems are painful and debilitating – they may also be chronic. This means back pain may return repeatedly. In some cases, a chronic complex back problem requires surgery, which may fail to cause Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS.) In most cases, however, complex back problems respond to chiropractic care.

We Treat Complex Cases

Chiropractic examination may reveal the underlying cause of a complex back problem, such as nerve compression or a bulging or herniated disk.

Complex back problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially in cases where a patient has multiple doctors, each coming up with a different diagnosis and treatment plan. This is exceptionally frustrating for patients, many of whom get tired of the ongoing cycle and stop going to the doctor altogether. Unfortunately, pain and disability from untreated complex back problems cause these patients to experience a poor quality of life.

If you are like most people with complex back problems, you avoid certain movements and activities out of fear of worsening the pain. This limits your ability to move freely and prevents you from performing everyday activities, like going to work, attending school or taking care of your family. Heavy work, especially lifting, causes excruciating pain, numbness or weakness.

While rest is important to recovery, limited movement is bad for your spine and for your health in general.

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper exercise puts you in danger of suffering further damage and even serious complications. What started out as a minor disc problem, for example, can cause major nerve damage and turn into a major disability in just a couple of years while you are currently suffering from disc disease, neuropathy, and potential narrowing of the spinal canal.

SpineTech offers a comprehensive approach to treatment of complex spine and joint problems. Treatment always starts with a detailed examination and careful notation of your medical history to determine the underlying causes of your complex back conditions. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic and chiropractic tools to create personalized and innovative approaches to treating all aspects of your spine condition, including the primary back problem and complications associated with it.

At SpineTech, our primary goals are to reduce pain associated with complex cases and improve your mobility. If you have a complex case of back pain, or if you worry that a minor back problem will become a complex case, make an appointment at SpineTech.

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